Midhun Sb

Midhun SB

Location: India

Painting is my key to salvation; my pathway to ultimate tranquility. I am passionately curious; my works are influenced by anything and everything around me. I seldom set out to produce art about one subject or other­ none of it was intentional. They were, rather, my perceptions on the cues I got from my world, evolved and developed over time. My work is my medium to communicate. And each one has its own story to tell you.Each one portrays me; my life. Being an artist has made me explore new areas like Branding and Photography. Today, with constant experimentation to be innovative, the once unexplored area Branding has become my Profession. I always go an extra mile to make sure that the brand reaches the targeted audience and it has helped me create a happy client base. Till the date, I have done branding for many prestigious clients in India and Overseas.

Other than creating art forms and branding, I enjoy photography, I love good food and I am an ardent travel geek. But in the end, what makes me what I am is my love for art.

I breathe art. I live art. I am an artist.


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