Ekaterini Koliakou

All about PRIORITIES and respect for the ART world OF MIND mine
Greek origin and citizen of the world


Message art

Outspoken attack on colour and shapes that I create the final outcome of the little things that make it big time

Aphrodite “Aphrodite ”

Mixed media made with an instant painting technique

Inspired by the Greek goddess of beauty and ART

Afro Brazilian “Afro Brazilian ”

Acrylic on canvas and directly painting with the hands
A self portrait OF youthful appearance

Message art

Self diaries and selfies specially spiritual development of the painting and to deliver warmth of my hope for being courageous and enthusiasm of being a good thing to happen

B/W “B/W”

Digital art via selfies into the experimental and playful way

Sea Virgin “Sea Virgin ”

Mixed media bigsize hands instead of brush and vowed to the ocean

Self portrait “Self portrait ”

My hot red colour hair and bubbly perspective of energy and attitudes

Self portrait 4 “Self portrait 4”

Me at my BEST ekaterini koliakou acrylic paints and quick fast stokes self portrait drawings of professional print out canvas