Theresia Innerhofer

Theresia Innerhofer

Location: Austria

Theresia Innerhofer finds artistic inspiration in her family’s farm life. Specifically, Innerhofer concentrates her eye on cows: their unique shape and proportion, their interactions among the herd, and their expressive faces. They lean in and look straight at the viewer; they put their heads together and have quiet conversations amongst themselves. Innerhofer frames them in a way that makes us reconsider the cow’s place in the ecosystem, the economy, and the food chain. Under her treatment, their bodies suddenly become unexpected shapes that the viewer must look at with new eyes.

Innerhofer has a bold hand that employs strong, chunky strokes. Using acrylic paint, she creates compositions out of intricate blocks of color. She dips in and out of a realistic palette: some cows sport just one stroke of magenta, while others have entirely blue bodies. Innerhofer portrays her subjects almost like an action photographer would, with dynamic and confrontational angles.

Innerhofer was born 1977 in Tamsweg, Austria and today lives in the town of Hollersbach.

studied in Elbigenalp/Lechtal woodcarving school 1993-1997 ,
scholarship for international Painting Weeks in Hollersbach 1998
posters for cattel shows in 2000/2005/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017
exhibitions in Salzburg, Austria, Germany and 2017 in New York at Agora Gallery


by Theresia Innerhofer, Austria

"I love my cows and I hope my cows love me"

I work with them every day: They are my friends, my employees, my power animals, my inspiration, my muse... my life!