Riad Belhimer

Riad Belhimer

Location: France

Riad Belhimer is a 44 years old former French teacher based in Paris, France where he has lived for the past year and a half. He was born in a beautiful seaside town called Jijel on the northeast coast of Algeria where he enjoyed the local seafood, barbecues on the beach and the rocks on the shoreline. He was inspired by the natural beauty surrounding him and displayed a talent for drawing and painting from early childhood when he would make use of any materials available to create. In school he excelled in literature, philosophy and sports (playing and later coaching handball) but most especially in art and calligraphy where he was always at the top of his class. When class became too boring he would take out a sheet of paper and a pencil and begin drawing the things around him; including his teacher! From the age of 16 Riad dreamed of going abroad and working as an artist full time. Eventually, the lack of local cultural or artistic events and with his dream of becoming an artist being stifled he took a chance and relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark which is known the world over for its artistic culture. There, in the communal library, he met others of like mind who motivated him to pursue his dream. He began to visit the galleries and observe the work of other artists and he was inspired anew by Denmark�s dedication to preserving their environment and the use of bio-friendly materials and mediums. Soon, finding materials both readily available and affordable, Riad was painting and doing calligraphy work non-stop. He gained a following of friends and others both local and from abroad who purchased his works and commissioned one of a kind pieces as well. During his time in Copenhagen he also was able to save money from seasonal work to purchase a camera to further indulge his love of photography. After more than a year in Copenhagen, Riad relocated to Paris, France to experience the art and lifestyle of that famous city. He established his studio where he creates all kinds of art. He is passionate about acrylic techniques, pyrography, calligraphy and photography. It was in Paris that Riad met his wife one September day. They were married by New Year�s and now have an adorable 8 month old son named Idris who inspires his father every day.


One and a thousand nights

A unique artwork mixed with texture and abstract calligraphy and castles forms

Mille et une nuits “Mille et une nuits”

A unique artwork made around abstract arabic calligraphy and texture and castles forms . An invitation to a ferry trip