Orlando Pelaez

The majority of my work throughout my entire career has been focused on Latin American Art, because of my passion for the indigenous cultures and folklore of the Americas in general, and Latin America in particular, and a deep desire to share them here in my present home. The last few years I have shifted my attention more toward the American southwest. With the intention to romanticize each piece both visually and emotionally, there is always a contemporary approach to my work even while working with traditional subject matter. Music and imagery play important roles in each piece that I create. It is poetry in motion, that moves me deeply in form and color. As an artist I feel the need to explore and create new works of art that reflect new visions and purposes toward a new chapter in my career. On April 28, 2017, I was the recipient of an Indianapolis Arts Council Creative Renewal Fellowship which will facilitate immersion in the American Southwestern culture to begin a new chapter in my artistic endeavors.