Mariela Sandoval Fantinati

Mariela Sandoval Fantinati

Location: Mexico

I am an artist, studied photography and Fine arts, I have completed many photo and art projects. Now I am working on Collages which has become a passion, I use textiles, paper, acrylic paint and more. I also paint on original photos of mine and this creates a very interesting effect.


Collages and painting

This is a project of mixed media that includes fabrics, papers and acrylic paint.

The readers “The readers”

This is a collage with paper and fabric. I also used acrylic paints.

The birds “The birds”

This is mixed media with textile and acrylic paints

Bird and flowers “Bird and flowers”

Also mixed media with acrylic paints

Bird at night “Bird at night”

A single bird in the middle of nature at night it is also made with textiles and acrylics

Deep sleep “Deep sleep”

Mixed media image with paper and acrylic paints and crystal stones.

The window “The window”

Mixed media with paper and acrylic paints

Animals at night “Animals at night”

Collage with fabric and acrylic paints

Diamante “Diamante”

Original photograph and acrylic paints

The giraffe “The giraffe ”

Animal collage with paper and acrylics

The rhino “The rhino”

Animal collage with paper and acrylics

The elephant “The elephant”

Animal collage with paper, stamps and acrylics

THE renaissance “THE renaissance”

Portrait image with collage, crystal stones and acrylics