Janel Kilnisan

I am a photographic artist from Miami, Florida. I began making photographs in high school. It started as a hobby, a way to capture memories. The more I made photographs; I began to realize the power a camera had to transform ideas and moments into visual magic.

I create images that document scenarios that are real and that have been staged. I use both film and digital media, depending on the aesthetic I want to achieve for each scenario. The beauty of natural light fascinates me. It is my preferred source of lighting as it blurs the boundaries between my pure documentary work and my photographic simulations of reality.

I have a passion to photograph people because I am instead in the dynamic psychological power we as humans hold. I want to connect to people and tell a story. I search with the camera for something that lives deeper in us-something that is contained in every single moment in our lives.

I strive to capture a still moment in time that implies that some activity has happened or is about to unfold. The viewer can closely examine this moment-contemplate it and complete the narrative in their mind.


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