Margaret Park

The beauty of the visual has been a part of my life since before I was old enough to understand it. Learning opportunities have come from multiple educational entities, most predominantly from time and work. A muse has adopted me and, when I am my most trusting self, I turn myself over to it and do my best work.



Yupo is a very slick "paper" that cannot be approached the same way as other surfaces. It is an excellent avenue for turning loose and letting one's muse work through one.

Place “Place”

At this moment I am here, at this place in time and space. Water flows over me. A cleansing stream of tears that lift the mood. Sunshine approaches.

Good Memories “Good Memories”

In the barren winter of life memories bring warmth and pleasure.

His Place “His Place”

When he is gone from this reality, we believe in his new reality.

Conference “Conference”

A meeting of me, myself and I with important decisions to make. We will probably decide to go with the flow.