Jennifer Mckinnon

Jennifer discovered a love of photography in 2014 when her youngest of three children was getting ready to start Kindergarten. Around that same time, she discovered her love for dumpsters. Not quite sure what to do with her fondness for dumpsters, Jennifer enrolled in art classes at the Atlanta School of Photography as well as Spruill Arts Center - while also making sure her Tetanus shot was up to date. For the last five years Jennifer has been actively seeking out dumpsters across the US (she literally drove from Georgia to California last summer looking for dumpsters and adventures along the way). She constantly struggles to find a balance between her literal interpretation of the world and the abstract perspective she photographs. While Jennifer’s main focus is photography, she enjoys getting her hands dirty while creating collage and mixed media pieces. Her work has been featured in The Streets Magazine, several issues of ArtAscent, many local galleries as well as in the Atlanta Magazine’s Home Modern Style Showcase in 2018 and 2019.


City Jewels

Inspired by both the highly reflective surfaces of freshly painted dumpsters combined with unusual textures and markings created by both natural and unnatural elements, I started seeing a collection of jewelry emerging from these otherwise unsightly rectangular beasts. Each freshly painted dumpster presented me with a challenge, how can I make this smelly, ugly container into something soft and beautiful?

In City Jewels, I targeted freshly painted dumpsters in order to attain the best reflections. Once dumpsters were identified, I focused on areas where there was slight weathering on the containers to create depth and texture in my photographs. For months I carried around various props including a water bottle to create shine and depth; purses, sequin pillows, scarves, a lampshade, and more to create colorful reflections and shapes. Using photo editing software I manipulated colors and saturation to produce a collection of bold jewel-tones rich in texture.

Images are printed on metal bringing City Jewels to life.

Urban Beach Day

I never realized how much I enjoyed living near the water until I moved from the Bay Area to Atlanta. One day while driving around the streets of Atlanta running errands, I saw a glimpse of the ocean, at a carwash parking lot on Cheshire Bridge. I started to see the ocean in driveways and side streets around the streets of Atlanta.

Inspired by summer days at the beach and urban models (also known as dumpsters) found around the streets, I created Urban Beach Day, a collection of photographic abstracts depicting a day at the beach. Beautiful blues paint the ocean landscape, textures so rich you can almost feel the sand between your toes while the waves crash against the shoreline.