Tashi Khan

Tashi was born into a family where art and culture were important and had been important for generations.Tashi imbibed an early appreciation of the arts from her immediate environment from as far back as she can remember.Poets and artists came and stayed for long periods doing family portraits and art. She remembers watching spellbound as they worked with brushes, knives and palets.Her parents recognised her interest and inclination and encouraged her to paint.She has not looked back.
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Tashiz Art Portfolio

Cafe Culture “Cafe Culture”

Cafe Culure represents the cafe culure of our modern times.

London Fashion Week “London Fashion Week”

The Painting represents Fashion Week in London,see the sketches of clothes,hats and belts.

Girl bathing “Girl bathing”

Girl bathing is just a figment of my imagination.
The painting has been in galleries in London.
My art was selected for international contemporary masters 2010 and was curated for Nevada museum of fine arts and was displayed for four months, recently my art was included in Nina Torres fine arts Miami, display from 4th July to 10th July.

Cat' s Paw “Cat' s Paw”

This painting was inspired when I saw a girl watching tv but playing with a ball of wool at the same time.
All around you can see normal house hold furniture.

Party girl “Party girl”

Painting with 3d effect, gravel, small rocks, scenic grass for projects & clay.