Amanda Wathen

Amanda Wathen
(b. 1978, USA)
Currently lives and works in Rogersville, MO | | 417-371-3451

Amanda Wathen is an emerging artist, working primarily in oil. She has painted since childhood and began working professionally at age thirteen, hand painting murals on tile. Between then and now, she has taught technique and art history. Her most recent awards and exhibitions are “Cityscapes” 2018 Art Exhibition by Light, Space & Time Online Gallery, winning the Special Recognition Award. ArtAscent art & literature 2017 Distinguished Artist Award. the Honourable Mention Award for the “Emotion and Energy of Color” 2017 art Exhibition. She paints realism, pointillism, and impressionism.

Recently, Amanda has pioneered new techniques in the field of oil-based touch painting, an emerging artistic trend. Amanda says finger-painting--is unequivocally the most expressive. “No concentration is lost to cleaning brushes, and no tool divides the artist and the canvas,” she says. “A finger-painted canvas is a picture of the artist's heart. Because it is impressionist, it deliberately reduces a measure of realism to gain much more in emotion.”

Her paintings hang in homes and businesses in several countries. They are now showing at Two25 Art and Wine Gallery in Bentonville, AR and JD Gass Antiques Art Gallery in West Fork, AR.


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