Ida Ambrosio

Ida Ambrosio

Location: Italy

I decided that it was time to write something about myself, an autobiography of sorts. But what to write, especially when there isn't a very extensive list of artistic accomplisments in the curriculum?
I tried reading the biographies of both newcomers and established artists and then I asked myself what I would expect the biography of an artist to include?
The first thing that came to mind was name and age. Since you already know my name, I can skip this and age is a completely irrelevant factor.
Then I wanted to know if they were professionals, painting for a living or if they had regular jobs and art was a passion that they practiced in their spare time. If they worked I wanted to know what job they did. Finally, I wanted to know what accomplishments they had achieved artistically.
So now I believe I am ready to compile my own biography.
I was born in Naples, specifically in San Giuseppe Vesuviano on the 8 February some time during
the last century. :)
I've had a passion for art since my early childhood. I had proficient manual skills and enjoyed designing jewellery so would have liked to attend a school that offered a possibility to continue with this passion, but life had a different fate in store for me. I graduated from a technical institute majoring in accountancy - not exactly what I wanted.
In 1999 I moved to Udine, a province of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region in the north east corner of Italy. This was a major change and I suffered greatly – I also believe that this gave rise to my artistic carreer.
For fun, and without much conviction, I started taking drawing classes and gradually moved onto oil painting. The more techniques I assimilated, the more I realised that it had become a neccessary part of me and I knew that this, more than anything, was what I wanted to do. I felt that painting was 'una via per l’animo'. The way of the soul.
The real revelation was when I first used pastels. It was a case of love at first sight and a most significant encounter for my soul.

“Painting is the most beautiful of all arts. In it, all sensations are condensed; contemplating it, everyone can create a story at the will of his imagination and, with a single glance, have his soul invaded by the most profound recollections; no effort of memory, everything is summed up in one instant. A complete art which sums up all the others and completes them.” (Paul Gauguin)

Premio Vieste 2017 Palazzo Belusci
Concorso Internazionale Dauni II 2017
Premio Arte Moruzzo 2016
Premio Eventi d'Arte 2015
Premio Castello Savorgan Artegna UD 2014
Pubblicazione Catalogo Caput Mundi 2013
Premio Il Colle S Daniele del Friuli 2010

Quotazioni : CaputMundi Casa d'Aste Roma Artprice Basezero Catalogo : Artprice Basezero


my artwork

Female sexuality,as seen by a woman
This characterises the works of Ida Ambrosio.
Self-taught. Instinctive,and decidedly Mediterranean in describing her vision of what we know as
'The Other Half of the World'.
Strong, fervid, well-considered and essential constructions, detailed and never vulgar.
Instants of sensations that only a female soul can express about the female universe
(the repetition is intentional, to emphasize the emotive and communicative importance of the message).
A great deal of attention to the significant details of the figures is revealed.
The result is a natural composition of seemingly childlike clarity which transmits a feeling of warmth,
familiarity, every day life.
I believe anyone observing these works will recognize a wife, a daughter, a lover.
Nothing malicious .... just a tribute to a beauty which is often hidden "

Stand by me 2017 “Stand by me 2017”

soft pastel on pastelmat
35x25 cm

Studio 2 “Studio 2 ”

Soft pastel on pastelmat
35x50 cm

Studio 1 “Studio 1 ”

soft pastel su pastelmat

 Free Spirit “ Free Spirit”

Soft Pastel on paper 33x48 cm

Relax 2016 “Relax 2016 ”

Soft Pastel on Paper /220gms smooth

Stiletto Heels  2015 “Stiletto Heels 2015 ”

Soft Pastel on Paper 33x48 cm

Chillies 2016 “Chillies 2016”

33x24 cm

Minuetto  2016 “Minuetto 2016”

watercolor 24x33 cm

Let's Go !  © 2014 “Let's Go ! © 2014”

Soft pastel

Relaxing After Opening Night 2018 “Relaxing After Opening Night 2018”

soft pastel on smooth paper Fabriano 300 gr

Relevè In Quinta “Relevè In Quinta”

watercolor pencils e soft pastel su carta

" Now " 2018 “" Now " 2018 ”

" Now "
25x35 cm

Like a wind 2017 “Like a wind 2017 ”

25x35 cm

" Don't be so serious " 2018 “" Don't be so serious " 2018”

soft pastel on smooth paper
25x35 cm