Anita Bjørbekk

Anita Bjørbekk

Location: Norway

Life is a journey of colours. My name is Anita Bjørbekk and I think we shall find self-esteem, love and pleasure in everyday life. This is my vision and I want to express it through my images. When people look at my pictures, I want them to be aware of the love and joy that are within themselves.
In 2011, I walked past a paint shop and my intuition told me that I should go in there and buy some canvas and some paint. This changed my life and I found my creative germ, where time and space disappear and this gave me so much energy. Paint was my form of therapy where I felt mastery and this gave me a new life. I began to be more confident to make choices and not care about what others thought about me.

I started the company Kreativ Kunst (CreativeArts) in February 2013. Over the past years I have made my own gallery, galleri AB, located across the street from my studio. I have started a Creative cafe, not a cafe but a place where you can come to be inspired. From this I created a blog on my website The blog on is from my exhibitions.

My palette is the color that I see in the rainbow. I started to study color theories in a wide specter and then I created my own color system (10 color system), wrote a small book about the nine color personalities and prepared 45 color cards with small book about raising awareness of feelings. I wrote a little fairy tale about Rainbow's daughter, made a little story about the colors versa complementary colors and made a song called Dream colors etc.

For me, the colors are symbolic of different personalities. I think by using these color personalities you can retrieve all the personality talents, abilities and integrate them to make them aware you. I believe that by using colors you can get in harmony and balance.

In August 2014 one of my paintings was selected to join the Telemark exhibition in Norway, it is a juried exhibition shown at four places in Telemark county from September until Christmas. I was so fortunate that my painting was chosen to be in front of the poster and program.

This is a great recognition and hopefully the start of a wonderful career in the arts. Creativity gives me energy and I want using my pictures and creativity to shine and show others that anything is possible if you really start to believe in yourself and dare to be visible. In 2016 I was chosen to be the Norwegian ambassador for Womens Art World.

My dream is really coming true… and I am living it…

- Exhibition history
Separate exhibitions:
- Tante Theoline, Sales exhibition - 2012, 2013 Norway
- Ting, Tang and Kaffe, Sales exhibition - 2013, 2014 Norway
- “From Darkness to light – look for colors” – 2014 Norway
- Gulsetsenteret, “Flowering” – 2015 Norway
- Sitt Ned, “A Journey of colors”– 2015 Norway
- Gråtenmoen bydelshus, “Light in darkness” – 2015 Norway
- galleri AB, - 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Norway

Collective exhibitions:
- Telemark exhibition – 2014 Norway
- Romart2015 – 2015, Rome, Italy
- Galeria Farini, gallery at Palazzo Fantuzzi Farini - 2015 Bologna, Italy
- Artmonaco`15 -2015 Monte Carlo, Monaco
- Elva Rundt – 2015 Drammen, Norway
- “International Prize Marco Polo - Art Ambassador” - 2015 Venice, Italy
- “Pollock – the new heirs – 50 cases of informal paintings” 2015 Palermo, Italy
- X Florence Biennale “art and the polis” – 2015 Firenze, Italy
- “Kunst for Syria” – donate two paintings to art auction to help refugees –2015 Skien, Norway
- “Artist for UNICEF - your art to save Nepal`s children” – 2015 Palermo, Italy
- “International Prize Michelangelo - Artists at the Jubilee” – 2015 Rome, Italy
- Museum of Marrakech, Womens Art World – 2016 Marrakech, Marokko
- Artexpo New York, Pier 94, World Wide Art- Artavita, - 2018 New York, USA