Barbara Damasio

barbara damasio

Location: Brazil

Brazilian began painting professionally at age 15. He has an atelier since then where he produces his works currently researching impasto in painting with diverse and naive subjects. One sees many works invested in the study of the colors, textures and forms that usually leave the abbrequent patterns of the classic painting, being thus with images without perspectives and objects created in a two-dimensional plane without being attached to the molds suggested by the academic painting. "Painting is excercision. It has to be every day."


Barbara Damasio

About me:

• Passionate for the arts and sister-in-law of learning contemporary plastic techniques. Mainly and especially the conduction of oil painting. I'm looking for a career axpand.

• Bachelor of Arts in the UEMG Guignard School Belo Horizonte Brazil 2010-2013

Work Experience:
• Barbara Damasio Studio since 2000

 Specialist in oil painting on order or his personal collection and on display. But it transits in all the supports offered today by contemporary customs.

• Exhibitions:
 Individual Exhibitions:
2001 "Art and life live for me". Babi Maia invites with curatorship of Clara Valente Location: Kauhana (extinct) Savassi BH, Brazil
2006 "Art lives me" curated by Clara Valente Location: Café com Letras BH, Brazil
2015 "COLORS" Barbara Damasio curated by Leo Brizola and Raquel Isidoro Location: Galpão Paraiso BH, Brazil

 Collective Exhibitions:
2008 "Esquina da Arte" coordinated by Fragile Productions by director Luiz Otavio Brandão and 100 artists Location: Savassi BH
2009 "Painting live" Coordination Luiz Otavio Brandão and 30 artists Location: Praça Diogo de Vasconcelos BH and afterwards the paintings were exhibited at Shopping 5ªAvenida for a month.
2009 "Intentional References" curated by Lucia Castanheira and 44 artists Location: IPHAN Tiradentes MG BR
2010 Collective Exhibition "P (of Painting)" also participated in the sales and curatorship and assembly of the exhibition with Lucia and 42 artists Location: Ponteio Lar Shopping BH
2013 "FARTURA" curatories with Leo Brizola and Raquel Brizola and 43 artists. Location Galpão Paraiso BH
2014 Auction of art to raise funds for the association "arca Amaserra" Nova Lima MG BR
2014 "Alex Rosa, the inventor of forms" curated by Joseph Vagin and 10 artists Location: Galeria Chimera Cultural BH
2015 "fARTura 2ª curated by Raquel Isidoro and 40 artists Location: Galpão Paraiso BH
2016 "Creative Moment" curated by Saphira & Ventura Gallery and 20 artists. Local Manhattan NY USA
2016 "EARTH" curated by Alcinda Saphira and Edson Cardoso and 50 artists. Location: UN UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS New York Ny USA
2016 "EARTH SELECTION" curated by AVA Gallery and 15 artists Location: Helsinki Finland
2016 "Café com arte" curated by Edson Cardoso and 30 other artists Location: Juparanã - Vassouras - Valença, Rio de Janeiro
2018- January and february - Exposure “Synchoricity. 10 artists with curated by Alexandre Rato and Viviane Contigli in Sapucaí Street 303 Floresta Bh Mg
2018 Ago/Dez– Bienal Arte Naif - SESC Piracicaba SP.

• Live Painting and Performance

2013 Performance "Pônei Rosa" Location: Escola Guignard BH
2014 Performance "Bananas are also Brazilian" TATE BRITISH London UK
2015 Performance "Pôneis Rosa 2" Location: Galpão Paraiso BH
2016 Live painting at Solaris Festival Sofar Sounds Macacos MG Brazil
2016 July Live Painting 5 artists - Location: Hangar 677 Nova Lima MG
2016 December - Live Paiting of Cultural Play for APAE in Vila da Cerveja, Vila Albertini Santa Tereza BH MG
2016 December - Live Paiting One Love Festival in Far East Nova Lima.

• 2005-2007 Maleteria: A family company. Transited since the participation of the production; Purchase of materials; Fabric cutting; finishing; transport; grades; quality control; Fairs in São Paulo. Within this environment, there was an atelier of painting Belo Horizonte.
• 2008 Trace Art Gallery and Architecture Office. For the responsibility of Joana Coelho Veloso. 1 year Location: Serra Bh
• 2011 Lemos de Sá Art Gallery By responsibility of Beatriz Lemos de Sá Accompanied the entire process of running the gallery and the assembly of the exhibition 2x MINAS x2. He worked 6 hours a day, 5 times a week for a quarter. Location: Nova Lima Minas Gerais
• 2016 New Residence. It is a nursery within the Parrot community that welcomes 196 children with partial help from government, parents and community. Responsability by Renato Isidoro. I was a teacher of arts of children from 4 to 6 years.

Courses with certificate:
• 2015 ABA ENGLISH Online English course website: 2 years and a half
• 2015 English Course - English Adult Learning Center in Virginia Beach VA USA 3 months
• 2014 Private lessons at Bell School with Professor Christophe and for the responsibility of Daniela Vasconcelos Grobbel BH 18 months
• 2014 Intensive Seminar on Screen Printing and Glass and others- Professor Silvia Barrios BH 28 hs
• 2013 Cours de Frances - Intensive French in Monica de Souza-French for Brazilians - 1 month
• 2011 Italian Course at the Center of Languages and Culture ITA Turin Foundation 1 year
• 2010 Teatro I in Grupo Galpão Cine Horto on general direction of Chico Pelúcio BH 1 year
• 2010 Private Italian classes with Professor Liliane Soares Venturi 1 year
• 2009 "Helio Oiticica" Painting after the painting with Professor Luiz Flávio Silva Sion BH 8 hs
• 2008-2009 CENTER Italian course located within the University FUMEC BH 2 years
• 2008 Artistic drawing course I and II taught by Jarbas teachers; Andreza Nazareth and Rodrigo Brasil with the responsibility of Glauco Moraes and Yara Tupinambá at the Maison BH Art School 2 years
• 2009 Course of Artistic Painting II 'idem previous article' 1 year
• 2007 Drawing course of observation I and II with Professor Carlos Bueri Location: Centro BH 1 year
• 2006/2007 Bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Psychology at FUMEC University BH MG
• 2003-2004 Free Painting Course with Professor Patrícia Leite at Escola Guignard BH MG 2 year
• 2002 Atelie Pedro Augusto Nova Lima MG 2 years
• 2001 Oil painting course with Fernanda Guiverny BH 1 year
• 1995 Cultura Inglesa Basic English 1 year