Lucinda Batchelor

Photography, for me, will always be an art form which draws me in, and allows me to view our beautiful world in even more detail.

I am fascinated how light shapes our environment and I am endlessly confronted with possibilities. Using natural forms, man-made structures, objects, landscapes, and people, the list is infinite, and continues to excite and inspire.

I am based in the UK near Stratford upon Avon, the lovely historic market town and birthplace of William Shakespeare. I specialise in producing archival quality images, from both digital files and film to accommodate specialist collectors. Prints are produced using only the very best fine art papers for quality and longevity.

I have developed a high profile client list working with artists whose work is included in the Royal Collection. My work also features in the National Portrait Gallery's collection in London.


River Ice

As the temperature drops, ice crystals slowly start assembling around the banks of a river. The first formations move with the ebb and flow of the river, creating the most fragile of patterns, gently affirming the change from water to ice.

In their minute form ice crystals are interlocked by their precise hexagonal structures. From these ordered building blocks these delicate compositions are created.