Olga Zakharova - Mykhalskaya

Olga Zakharova - Mykhalskaya

Location: Canada

Olga Zakharova was born in Kiev, the Ukraine, where she graduated from National Academy of Fine Arts.
Olga is experienced in all art mediums. She paints realistic and decorative art of many subjects in oils, acrylics and watercolour. Her artworks can be found in private collections Europe and North America. (www.olga.2y.net)
At present she lives in Burnaby, Canada and participated in numerous exhibitions. She also works as an instructor of Fine Arts in her private art studio ”Palette”. (www.palette.2y.net)

“As long as I can remember I’ve liked to paint and draw- especially anything to do with nature and animals. I use different mediums – watercolour, acrylics and oils, depending on my feelings or moods, and the effect I want to get. Painting gives me joy that I share with others.It is a big part of my life and I’m lucky that I can link my work and my hobby together. I’m happy that I can include my knowledge and experience in teaching Fine Arts and being an artist as well. I enjoy seeing progress in my student’s artwork. It inspires me to create more paintings myself and move forward.”


Reflection of Life


Witness of Centure “Witness of Centure”

28"x26" oil on canvas $850

Blossom Snag “Blossom Snag”

22"x28" oil on canvas $850

Deserted Island “Deserted Island”

24"x18" oil on canvas $ 720

Rainer National Park “Rainer National Park”

18"x24" oil on canvas $720

In the Wait of a Miracle “In the Wait of a Miracle”

30"x30" oil on canvas $1500

Fairy Wave “Fairy Wave”

28"x22" oil on canvas $850

Dry Beauty “Dry Beauty”

24"x 18" oil on canvas $ 720

Serenity “Serenity”

30"x24" Acrylic on canvas, $585