Gottfried Roemer

Gottfried Roemer

Location: Germany

At first glance, my pictures do not look like photographs in the usual sense of the word due to their strong picturesque character. I create syntheses from two genres: painting and photography. I chose the name "Painto" for this synthesis – a combination of "painting" and "photo". My unique style suggests an impressionistic influence, with light and space tricking the eye to see the photographs as paintings. These "Painto" images can be called impressionistic photographs.

My Paintos emerge through experimental techniques of movement during the exposure process of photography. Images of fantasy somewhere between photography and painting are the result. My process has grown from the objective, realistic depiction of the object and space to an impressionistic painting and drawing with light. Thus, the process of reception is presented – not the actual perception. It can be supplemented and further developed by the observer, who plays an active role in the reception of my art.

Through the consistent, deliberate renunciation of any form of direct imagery, my Paintos open up special views of people, nature and places, such as the island of Sylt, the city of New York, European cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Rome, Venice, and Martha's Vineyard, Long Island, or Cape Cod. Colours, shapes and moods communicate with each other in a unique way, creating a highly personal access to familiar or new images. Thus, the viewer can be transferred into a special state: "seeing" and "being" become one.


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