Justin Landers

"To speak of morals in art is to speak of legislature in sex. Art is the sex of the imagination." George Jean Nathan
Father of two wonderful boys, painter, sculptor, baker, and creator of any and all things creative.


How I See. You and Me

Perception: awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation.
I believe art and poetry are the two best areas for someone to experience ones perception. Words, rhymes, colors, angles, and much more, contribute to how one sees the world around them. Portraits and self portraits are most enjoyable to me to witness as well as create. How I see myself at different times as well as how the world has affected those close to me. Here I have poured my mental and emotional perception onto contactpaper with acrylics to give you an idea of my perception.

Punks Undead “Punks Undead ”

A self portrait of my transformation into a zombie. At heart, I believe in questioning authority, going against the system, and expressing myself through my thoughts, feelings, and look. Punk at heart, I believe punk is NOT DEAD and this is how I see myself on most days as well as Punk as a topic.

Sewn Shut “Sewn Shut”

I saw how her men belittled her. How they made her quiet and took little pieces of her. Their actions caused change in her. Forcd to bottle and hide her feelings. Hey eyes screamed instead of her lips.

Found and Gathered

Mixed media sculptures inspire me unlike anything else. Collecting bits and pieces of odds and ends and bringing them together in a harmonious way to express a subject. Here I have created one that was therapeutic and emotional while the other was is fun and light hearted for viewing.

My Experience With Love “My Experience With Love”

I made this piece after my fiance of 5 years left me and the life we have built together with our two children. I made this right after to express the pain in my heart and my mind. I wanted others to connect with the hurt. One of my favorites I have made. The scrabble pieces spell out LOVE HURTS, there is a noose around the neck , and the heart has been pierced with a rusty pocket knife, a tattoo needle and a syringe. I focused a lot on tattooing at the time and made some bad choices trying to numb my pain of heary break. The stripes represent the bondage she had over me as a whole person.

Garage Queen “Garage Queen ”

Fun, random, and beautiful. This was my "Garage Queen". When my ex and I moved into our house in 2013, her uncle who had rented itbbefore us, left a lot of unwanted items in the garage for me to sort through. As i took inventory, I found a saw blade, lots of nuts, bolts, washers, and the sort. I had picked up a small white, decorative mask that was collecting dust. I had an image of a protector of the garage and it was a queen. One month later and it finally came together. She has a headdress, earings, and a elegance about her but is fierce with a warning from the saw blade.

Decisions “Decisions ”

Left or right? Logical or creative? Black and white or color? We all tend to think a with and use one side of our brain more than the other. This piece was made to represent just that! I have spent a lot of time contemplating and amazing my own thought process, which is ironic in itself. Showing the two parts of me that fight over every decision made, this piece has a switch on the back representing the idea that we all make a decision on which side of our brains we tend to apply. Emotional or thoughtful? Fun or responsible? Selfish or selfless? It's up to you to make the decision.