Blerina Llalla

Blerina Llalla

Location: Albania


Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings

Emptiness between spaces “Emptiness between spaces”

Composition, oil painting, 2006

Installation & Conceptual art

Installation Artworks, made by different materials composed within frames.

The Couple “The Couple”

The couple, installation artwork inspired by our nature and cultural elements.

Snail within frames “Snail within frames”

Snail within frames a natural composition.

Graphic & Illustration

Graphic drawings art.

Nude “Nude”

She's the light. Graphic drawing, ink.

Handmade Artistic Jewelries

In love with art i used to transfer the painting and colors into accessories & jewelries.
Everything is art and i want for people to bring it everywhere.

The Owl “The Owl”

Handmade wood earrings. Oil color stamp & owl figurine.

The sea elements “The sea elements”

Handmade Wood earrings, acrylic & fish figurine.