Luana Stebule

From 2013 I have been living and painting in the United Kingdom. The last seven years the flavour and inspiration to islands; Sicily, Corfu, Lanzarote, Cyprus, Madeira, Tenerife and especially Britain. I admire the beauty of England I am surrounded by lovely people and cosmopolitan culture and the warmth of my reception.

I was born in 29.10.1962 in Vilnius, Lithuania.
For many years my art specifically included scenography projects, mural paintings together with 22 solos and 38 shared exhibitions, largely in Lithuania. Also, in Italy, Poland, Hungary and England. In April 2018 I first time exhibited my paintings in U S, ArtExpo, New York
In A.Martinaitis Art School and Academy of Art, I have got knowledge about art techniques, styles and the finer points. .But I think, the most important things; creativity, original thoughts come from infinity, God and whispers of immortality.
One artist told me that my pictures are like the film "Brooklyn".Curiosity eventually got on me the better on me and I have watched this film directed by John Crowley. The film is deceptively simple but won an Oscar. Maybe he was right.
On the 1st of February 2019 by the International Art Market Magazine, I have been selected to be one of the Top Artist of Today. in 2020 in Florence, I was awarded 3rd Leonardo Da Vinci Prize. My artworks are in the Art Anthology "Important World Artist" 2020.
The majority of my paintings are traditional, oil on canvas. My pictures have elements of surrealism, pointillism and conceptualism. The idea behind artworks is very important to me. However, for many years I had experimented with wood, photos, sawdust, mirrors and clothes and I created hundreds
of collages. These materials juxtapose and suffuse the physical body of picture formate jazz of visual performance.
If you would like to see more artworks you are welcome to my website.


The flame of flamenco

It is about finished flowering dandelions.

Flame of flamenco “Flame of flamenco”

I was inspired by architecture.

Property footsteps “Property footsteps”

Inspiration has been taken from the shoe's forms houses. .It exists in real life. My imagination takes this further with a whole landscape of shoes that I would like to see from my window.

Yearning “Yearning”

I was inspired by sculptures, houses and autumn.

Summer Breeze “Summer Breeze”

The poetic view of dandelions.

"The Glory of  Eternal Life" “"The Glory of Eternal Life"”

I was inspired by the beauty of flowers, of nuances and subtitles.

"The World according to Sheba" “"The World according to Sheba"”

I was inspired by my cat Sheba.

"Round the clock" “"Round the clock"”

I was inspired by London underground.

" Rare orchids" “" Rare orchids"”

I was inspired by a rare type of orchids"