Mary Zhang

Mary Zhang

Location: China

Mary Zhang, born in Tianjin in 1986, began a career in fine art oil painting while completing a tutorial study with a master oil painting artist of China in Beijing. Upon completion of her 10-year study of oil painting, she ran her own Fine Art Studio and became a free lance oil painter.

In 2011, She had the opportunities to travel around Japan, US and Europ to study and communicate the oil painting techniques with the local featured artists. Her oil paintings were highly recognized by some of the featured artists of Japan, US, Italy and France.

Her favorite subject matter is figure and still life because she loves to observe people’s faces, especially their eyes in depth and unique expressions. She also loves to study any objects for her still-life artwork and has a lot of fun to depict their natural beauties by heart with many details on her paintings from her understanding of the being. She loves all the process and enjoys every minute of doing her art work.

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