Alexandra Pospelova

Alexandra Po is an artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, living and working in New York City. She received her B.F.A in Painting from LIU Post College. In the fall of 2013 Alexandra attended Firenze ArtiVisive school in Florence, Italy. In 2012 she was invited to South Korea, where she exhibited her work in four different cities. Also, in 2012 one of her photographs was chosen by Naomi Rosenblum for 8th National Competition. Alexandra exhibits her work both nationally and internationally.


Human Form

I believe that for art to be effective, it should reflect skills and knowledge, communicate by
inspiring feelings, and possess a sense of beauty. Without communication, art loses its purpose
and makes it nonsensical to share with others. Therefore, my work focuses on the role of art in
the modern world and what art should represent as a truly creative form. It takes a personal view
on determining what art and an artist is at the present time. As my subject matter, I start with
human forms, sometimes derived from classical sculptures. My distinct voice is in finding hidden
forms that all living things especially those not seen with the naked eye. I want the viewers to
pause and make them attentive to the things that need more attention in order to be fully
discovered. When people view my work I want them to understand this comparison and force an
awareness of how important it is to acknowledge traditions and to be able to take a new look at
these traditions in order to create a modern masterpiece. I believe that an artist should not forget
tradition while breaking new ground.