Stan Adard

Born in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), I am a Swiss national. After high school, I graduated from the University of Zurich with a master degree in Education and Social Psychology. With my wife Christine I’m married since 1982, and together we have three wonderful adult sons.
I have always been extremely interested in the interplay between man and machine ever since I obtained my very first computer, a Tandy Radio Shack that I bought in 1977.
As the owner and director of an international business software company, I have been privileged to create and realize new ideas in the field of digital art and software since its advent.

I love it to work with various artists from around the world, bringing their surreal or abstract paintings to a breathing life.

Some of The Breathing Pictures are available on (get the APP).


The Breathing Pictures

Breathing is life. Every single cell in our body needs oxygen to produce energy. Exhaling transports toxins and waste products out of our body.

There exists a strong connection between breathing and our mental state. Within the natural instinct to fight our fears, control our thoughts, and to arrive at a deeper state of inner contemplation, conscious breathing plays a monumental part in this process.

The Breathing Pictures serve as a contrast to the hectic visual culture that surrounds us.They act as an invitation to relax, to breathe, and to experience our inner meditations.

Sky Dance 2 “Sky Dance 2”

The Breathing Pictures: Sky Dance 2 (2017) with its fluid surface in blue represents understanding.
Calming breath pattern (5 - 6 breaths/min).
132 cm x 78 cm x 5 cm (52″ x 30″ x 2″), digital art, framed high end display, various sizes available

Jewels Votive “Jewels Votive”

The Breathing Pictures: Jewels Votive (2017) keeps a jewelry reflecting torus in the foreground, focusing the breath animation rhythm.
It is the majestic, calm movement that supports serenity and harmony.
132 cm x 78 cm x 5 cm (52″ x 30″ x 2″), digital art, framed high end display

Curious Blue “Curious Blue”

The Breathing Pictures: Curious Blue (2017) is based on an evening landscape photography.
The Wave object that is focusing the breath catches the evening atmosphere in clear lines and colors.
132 cm x 78 cm x 5 cm (52″ x 30″ x 2″), framed high end display (bigger displays available)

Jazz Dreams “Jazz Dreams”

The Breathing Pictures: Jazz Dreams (2017) is based on Magno Laracuente’s ethereal artwork ‘Jazz’.
Adard’s focal object in this piece reflects the masterful application of color from Laracuente’s work, yet incorporates the dimension of time within it.
132 cm x 78 cm x 5 cm (52″ x 30″ x 2″), framed high end display (larger displays are available)

Spiritual Gate “Spiritual Gate”

The Breathing Pictures: Spiritual Gate (2019) is based on the surreal painting 'Spiritual' of New York painter Magno Laracuente
A breathing picture is like a mentor that reminds you to breathe consciously in a calming pattern.
132 cm x 78 cm x 5 cm (52″ x 30″ x 2″), digital art, framed high end display, various sizes available

First Light “First Light”

The Breathing Pictures: First Light (2019) is a Breathing Picture based on the otherworldly atmosphere of ZmaKey's painted artwork.
ZmaKey is an abstract painter living in the US (see more on
Stan adds spheres that are reflecting the sunrise and are breathing in a calming rhythm.
This creates a third and a fourth dimension (space and time); all this for that you find the breath rhythm in every single pixel of this Breathing Picture.
132 cm x 78 cm x 5 cm (52″ x 30″ x 2″), digital art, framed high end display, various sizes available

Server, outsmarted “Server, outsmarted”

Server, outsmarted (2019).
It’s about the server that enables the game.
And it’s about the player that is enabled through his breath.
Beyond all this, it’s about your conscious breathing that can stop your thoughts of controlling you, outsmarted.
Try it out!
Resolution 4K, any screen size.

Eternal blue “Eternal blue”

Eternal Blue (2019), series 'Breathing Flows'.
An eternal flow of liquid blue water is breathing in a calming pattern. The focusing torus knot is reflecting the evening atmosphere at a nearby lake.
You have to be attentive to see the breathing rhythm in the expanding and narrowing flow.
5 breaths/minute

Resolution 4K, any display size.

Dreaming Verve 2 “Dreaming Verve 2”

Dreaming Verve2 (2017) translates our inner energy that can be set free through conscious breathing.

Resolution 4K, any display size

Fire Place Mystery “Fire Place Mystery”

Fire Place Mystery (2015) is one of the first pictures with a breathing pattern. Using the colors of a burning fire in an open fire place Stan transformed flowing lines in an object of concentration.
Meditation breath pattern.
Resolution 4K, any display size.