Elif Ciftcioglu

Elif Ciftcioglu

Location: Turkey

Born in 1983, Istanbul Elif Ciftcioglu has a licence diploma from Sabanc─▒ Universty Visual Communication Design and post graduate diploma on Production Design on Performing Arts from Victorian College of the Arts.

For almost 15 years she has been working professionally as graphic designer and visual communication designer moreover working as production designer on theatre projects and performances. Between 2013-2017 she has worked as viual communication desgner and responsible from digital works she has worked in Tetrazone Museum Exhibition Design company on city museums, football museum and other exhibitions.

Ciftcioglu participated as an artist in collective exhibitions with her art projects created with digital and other techniques, she has opened her solo exhibition in 2018 in Sanat Gezgini gallery. Her works both question the system and create fantastic worlds. Resemblances between all things is a key thought she uses in her works. Her subjects are not fully understood themes, and she illustrates these themes in a pure and authentic way. She practices art without limiting herself to any material, by being flexible in choosing prints, canvases, hand drawing or video making, experimenting new ways to describe matters. Improvisation and randomness are key elements to her work, trying to understand, explain, discover, question and tell the different versions of subjects or themes.


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