Location: Albania


Family Name: Kelmendi
First Name: Majlinda
Nationality: Albanian
Date of Birth: 04/10/1966
Contact details: Email:
Tel: 0037744-146-036
Level of Education: Academy of Fine Arts, Tirana, Albania
1)Degree Date: 1986-1990.
Education type: High Education 4 years
2) Institution: Received Master degree in Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Pristina
Degree Date: 1999-2000
Education type: High Education 2 years
3) Academic Degree: Professor
Institution: Faculty of Fine Arts University of Pristina
Degree Date: 2000- Present

Personal exhibitions
2017- Identitet “Time of mountains, Rozhaje Montenegro.
2017- Art Club – Poetic Kalimera 2017. Ulcinj, Montenegro
2017- The national art gallery Sarande. Albania
2016- Link to origin -2 Gebietsbetreuung 10 Quellenstrasse. Vienna, Austria.
2016- Link to origin. -1 Gallery B / Bocholt, Germany.
2013- Plein-Art Contemporary Art Festival Budapest Erlin Gallery
2013- The national art gallery Chifte Amam. Skopie, Macedonia.
2012- FAP/ Art Gallery, Tirane. Albania.
2012 -The national art gallery. Shkodra, Albania.
2011 - Gallery Expoart.40.Video/art/Performance – Balkans Dialogue. Pristina, Kosovo.
2008 - Gallery Expoart.40. Identity– 2, Pristina, Kosovo.
2008 - Gallery Oldrado da Ponte, Identity -1, Lodi, Italy.
2005 - Gallery of Ministry of Culture, Pristina, Kosovo.
2003 – Gallery of Art Bari, Italy.
1997 - Art Gallery, Tirana, Albania.

Collective Exhibitions
2017 Exhibition Gallery Faculty of Fine Arts University Pristina
2017-Diaspora 2017 Kunsthaus , Galerie B, Bocholt. Germany.
2016- Global KOSOVA ART'6 Global Art Contest
2015- Exhibition Gallery Faculty of Fine Arts University Pristina
2014- Exhibition at Museum of Kosovo, Pristina
2014-Germany Internationale Kunstausstellung "Expo Diaspora" in Bocholt
2013 -Gallery Faculty of Fine Arts University of Pristina"40 years of Art"
2013 -Gallery" B "Germany "Diaspora art"
2013-Galleri "Qahili" White
2012 - Hidden & Forbidden Identities “International Art Expo, Video Art Festival Venice, Italy
2011 – November Exhibition at Museum of Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo, KFAA
2011 - Exhibition at Museum of Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo, KFAA
2011 - Exhibition of the KFAA (Kosovo Figurative Artists Association)
2011 - One Way - Vieira Portuense Gallery, Porto, Portugal
2011 - Museum of Lamego, Portugal
2011 - Red Gate Gallery – London, United Kingdom
2011 – 8th International Exhibition "Muslim Mulliqi Prize 2010”, Kosovo Art Gallery, Pristina,
2011 - Albanian Art Exhibition in Bydgoszcz "Garden of Dreams", Gallery Miejskiej, Krakow,
2010 - Exhibition Net / Net Edition II, Gallery Expoart.40, Pristina, Kosovo
2010 – Exhibition of University Professors, Gallery Expoart.40, Pristina, Kosovo
2010 – Galeria Atlantica, Museum 2010 Portalegre, Portugal
2010 - Exhibition at the Gallery Financiero de Vigo, Spain
2010 - White wedding, Belgium
2010 - White wedding, Pristina, Kosovo
2010 - Exhibition Mother Therese, Skopje, Macedonia
2009 - Exhibition Net / Net Edition I, Gallery Expoart.40, Pristina, Kosovo
2009 - November 2009 Exhibition, Macedonia
2009 - Exposition d Artistes Kosovo, Museum of Art Schaerbeek/Brussels, Belgium
2009 - Factory, Museum of Art, Portugal.
2009 - Biennale of Drawings, Kosovo
2008 - Premio Merliani 137 2° edizione, Naples Italy
2008 - Exhibition Gallery of Arts, Gjilan, Kosovo
2008 - Gallery Kledio, Tirana, Albania
2008 - Galleria Oldrado da Ponte. Lodi, Italy, (Description: Mostra collettiva d’Arte
2008 - Exhibition on 11th June Pristina’s Day, Pristina, Kosovo
2008 - The American Biennial Exhibition, Austin, Texas, USA
2008 - Trofeo di Capodanno, Beinasco, Italy
2008 - Biennale of Small Graphic, Breslav, Czech Republic
2008 - Exhibition with 20 artists. Arts Gallery, Pristina, Kosovo
2008 - 7th Lessedra World Art Print Annual-Mini Print, Lessedra, Bulgaria
2008 - Exhibition at the Gallery of Arts, Gjilan, Kosovo
2008 - Exhibition at the Gallery of Arts, Peja, Kosovo
2008 – The 11th Biennial of Drawings, Gallery of Arts, Pristina, Kosovo
2008 - Academie Europeenne des Arts, Gembloux,, Belgium
2008 – An Exhibition organized, Luxemburg
2008 – An Exhibition Gallery of Arts, Gjilan, Kosovo
2008 - Exhibition of KFAA, Gallery of Arts, Pristina, Kosovo
2008 - Gallery of Art, Shkoder, Albania
2008 - November Salon, Gallery of Art, Pristina, Kosovo
2008 - Exhibition November 2008, Gallery of Art, Tirana, Albania
2008 - Fair of Contemporary Art, Milan-Novegro, Italy
2008 - 14th International of Vendas Novas, Portugal
2008 - Atlantica Gallery and 14th International of Vendas, Portugal
2008 - S. Barbara Project - Quarta Cava d'Estrazione d'art, Iglesias, Italy
2008 - Ventiperventi, Naples, Italy
2007 - Exhibition organized in the premises of Government, Pristina, Kosovo
2007 - Exhibition of November org. Draudakum, Skopje, Macedonia.
2007 - Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Gallery Art, Tirana, Albania
2007 – 4th Biennale of International Graphic, Skopje, Macedonia
2007 – Exhibition of Artists’ Association, Museum of History, Pristina, Kosovo
2007 - Exhibition with 10 artists, Arts Gallery, Pristina, Kosovo
2007 - Biennale of Small Graphic Art, Breslav, Czech Republic
2007 – November Salon, Gallery of Arts, Pristina, Kosovo
2007 – 8th International mail, Gallery & Contemporary Art, Lessedra., Bulgaria
2006 – An Exhibition with five artists, Paris, France
2006 - 4th International Exhibition "Muslim Mulliqi Prize", Gallery of Arts, Pristina, Kosovo
2006 – November Salon, Gallery of Arts, Pristina, Kosovo
2006 – 36th Salon, Academy of European Arts, Gembloux, Belgium
2006 - June’s Exhibition, Pristina, Kosovo
2005 - Exhibition dedicated to 8th March, Museum of Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo
2005 – June 12th Pristina’s Day, Pristina, Kosovo
2005 - Exhibition on 30th Anniversary of Art Faculty, Pristina, Kosovo
2004 - International Drawing Biennale, Arts Gallery, Pristina, Kosovo
2004 – June 11th Pristina’s Day, Pristina, Kosovo
2003 - June 10 th Exhibition, Gallery of Arts, Pristina, Kosovo
2002 – June 9 th Exhibition, Gallery of Arts, Pristina, Kosovo
2002 – Exhibition on March 8, National Theatre, Pristina, Kosovo
2001 - June’s Exhibition, Pristina’s Day, Pristina, Kosovo
2000 - National Art Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2000 – 11th Biennale of Drawings, Gallery of Arts, Pristina, Kosovo
2000 – 27th November Salon, Gallery of Arts, Pristina, Kosovo
1998 - National Arts Gallery, Tirana, Albania
1997- Exhibition November at the Museum of History, Tirana, Albania
1996 – Applied Arts, National Arts Gallery, Tirana, Albania
1995 - National Arts Gallery, Tirana, Albania
1994 – The Gallery TE&GI, Tirana, Albania
1993 - National Arts Gallery, Tirana, Albania
1992 - National Arts Gallery, Tirana, Albania

Completed Projects
2017-Net-Rrjet./ 10 Edition Concept: Curatorial concept:”Please prove you are not a robot!”
2016- Net-Rrjet./ 9 Edition Concept: Curatorial concept:”QuestionOfTheDay”
2015- Net-Rrjet./ 8 Edition Concept: Curatorial concept:“Denied”
2015- Net-Rrjet 7 Edition Tirane Albania Concept : Restart
2015- Net-Rrjet./ 7 Edition Concept: Curatorial concept: “Restart”
2014- Net-Rrjet./ 6 Edition Concept: Curatorial concept: “Save As”
2013- Net-Rrjet./ 5 Edition Concept: “Trans-Net / Ethno-Ethics”
2012 -Net-Rrjet./ 4 Edition Concept: “Fighting HumanTraffickig Through Art”
2011 -Net-Rrjet./3 Edition Concept :” Balkans Dialogue”
2010 -Net-Rrjet./2 Edition Concept: “Media art-Art media=pushtet social”
2009 -Net- Rrjet./ 1 Edition Concept: “Teknologjia sociale”
2009 - Reflection. / 1 Edition
2010 - Reflection./ 2 Edition
2010 - Born For This
2010 - Europe – Europe.
2006 - A Road With No End.
2005 - My Population and Ather.

Awards and Membership:
2008 - First Prize at the Art Gallery, Peja, Kosovo
2008 - First Prize, Exhibition March 2008, Kosovo
2008 - First Prize, Pristina’s Day Exhibition, Pristina, Kosovo
2008 - Bronze Medal, at 38th Salon concours internacional, Belgium.
2008 - Diploma of Merit, Premio Merliani 137 2nd, Naples, Italy
2006 – Awarded with Silver Medal, Academy of European Arts, Belgium
1996 - Second Prize, Applied Arts, Albania

Work experience record:
1)Year: 1990-2000
Name of the Institution: School of Arts
Position: Professor
Subject: Painting
Location: Tirana /Albania

2)Year: 2000-Present
Name of the Institution: Faculty of Arts
Job description: Professor
Subject description – Nude &Paintings
Location: Pristina / Kosovo

3)Year: 2008- Present
Name of the Institution: Gallery: Expoart.40
Job description: Founder and Artistic Director
Description: Founder and organizer of art projects at national and international level.
Location: Pristina / Kosovo

Year: 2012-2016
Name of the Institution: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
Job description: Council state for licensing.
Description: Member
Location: Pristina / Kosovo

Year: 2012-2015
Name of the Institution: Rectorate of the University of Prishtina.
Job description: Commission for doctorates.
Description: Member
Location: Pristina / Kosovo


Art / Majlinda Kelmendi

Identity & Dialogue

A Symbolic Cross…

Without conscience we would not exist.
Above all, life is a real struggle to overcome and confront with different situations and thanks to them we create our identity, at the peak of the feeder chain.
Self-concentration is a determining product of the character of the artist’s work.
We are born different.
Self-confidence is the destination that cannot be avoided, the reason which transforms our personality in a constant struggle with obstacles. .
It is believed that it is important to get rid of established models that dry up what we have, especially in intelligent projections.
The composition of this subject of the cycle Identity & Dialogue – is analyzed and broken and overhauled by providing distant time to make us realize and to keep close hundreds of different ways of mind justified with pretensions and needs in searching for the new paths.
The connection between of emotion and order by collecting the great lessons of the past, is within itself a symbolic cross.
MA of Art Majlinda Kelmendi, Instalacion / Installation, 2010 “, Instalacion / Installation, 2010”

Majlinda Kelmendi, Instalacion / Installation, 2010

Our memory is so powerful and it has trillions of information stored in its archives.
However, do we recall them all when we need to?
Or their value is lost and nobody ever remembers them?
People are closely related to the information. How would people develop and progress if they didn’t have the information? Even the genes are packages of information. All the cells function according to the information intelligently projected by the DNA.
How are we using this information?
While each day we learn information about the progress, advancement, arrangement and entertainment, why more than half of it is forgotten? Does it mean that we are not committed to every information? Maybe a part of it is not so valuable, or we question their authenticity?

ERROR, Video-Art “ERROR, Video-Art”

Artist : Majlinda Kelmendi
Title : ERROR, Video-Art
Concept Work : Technology development entails communication and action with individuals or enigmatic groups. This problem of time raises questions or discussion about awareness.

Balkan’s Dialogue / Vidio art “Balkan’s Dialogue / Vidio art”

Balkan’s Dialogue

What is Balkan’s policy?
How does it work?
Symmetry of events, requests and phenomena, personalities telling an event as a blurry story making enigmatic speculations with parenthesizes and inverted commas crossing all valid parameters.
Unresolved, conflicting matters, efforts, talks….
Borders, territories, politics?
Negotiations, “friendly” contacts”, justifications. No solutions…
Formal in appearance, centennial disputes without successes in essence
Packages with formulas, suggestions from major powers, yet with no solutions. The conflict continues.
Temporary chance?
Same ongoing history.
Until when?