Eddie Mosler

Eddie Mosler

Location: Ecuador

Eddie Mosler was born in Quito – Ecuador on January 17, 1975. He is a self-taught plastic artist who began his first sketches at the age of five. Being self-made, his unique and original artistic vision along with his abstract style has led him to be known in national and international art events in America and Europe; England, Spain, Colombia, Panama, New York within others, have been scenario of this artist.

Among the artist's most outstanding collections are: Infinite Harmony, Astral Perception, Cosmic Observation, Light Expansion, and Dimensional Consciousness. In 2019 inspired in gold, a metal which was cherished by millennial civilizations, Mosler developed the “Spirit of Gold Collection” where he incorporates his “Activated Gold” technique as well as oil, acrylic, fire and other elements; a creative breath where he recognizes the presence of divinity and its connection with the human being.

On September 27, 2020, Eddie launches his most recent collection “Auric Pyramid” in an event made for “World Healing”, at “The Middle of the World Monument” in Ecuador, for the entire planet. An event where he makes known the properties and benefits of his art in the processes of healing and connection with the universe.

2021 | Michelangelo's David award 2021 - Accademia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo Associazione Culturale - Italy
2021 | International Prize Ambassador of Art 2021 – Recognition as Ambassador of Art of Ecuador 2021 - Italy
2021 | International Prize Dante Alighieri – Celebrating the 700th anniversary of Dante Aliguieri death – Italy
2020 | International Prize David Michelangelo - Artistic Merit award - Italy
2020 | International Prize Raffaelo & Canova – Scuola Grande di San Teodoro – Venice / Italy
2020 | Leonardo da Vinci Award - International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist. Borghese Palace
2020 | Award with the “International Golden Archangel Miami Digital Award”
2019 | Recognition of the General Consulate of Miami
2019 | Recognition at the Tourism Municipalities of Peru.
2019 | Certificate of Excellence for the 28th Artavita online Art Contest

- September 2020 Quito, Ecuador | Launch of “The Auric Pyramid Collection”, Equator Monument

- December 2019 Miami, USA | “The Spirit of Gold Collection Debut” | Miami River Art Fair / Art Basel

- November 2019 Miami, USA | Closure of the “Dimensional Consciousness Collection” / Humbolt University / First Art Meeting for Peace

- May 2018 Madrid, Spain | “Dimensional Consciousness Collection” | 1st International Meeting of Plastic Artists / Santana Art Gallery

- April 2018 New York, USA | “Dimensional Consciousness Collection” /ArtExpo

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