Susabette Meister

Driven at a very early age by her love of wildlife, Susabette Meister’s extraordinary renderings capture the beauty and magnificence of nature in breathtaking detail.

Born in New York State she started sketching birds at the age of six and won her first competition when she was ten.

Throughout her working career she used her talent in a more commercial form. Many of her works were used as teaching aides, business logos and working with the disabled. She also has many private commissions throughout the US.

In 1994 a life changing event left her having to deal with constant pain, she turned to her art to find a way to zone that pain out. Having worked primarily with pastels she found this wasn’t absorbing enough. Born was the mixed medium she now uses, pen and ink over pastels, these together give her the details she was looking for. Although the mediums are not compatible she makes them work.

She’s constantly refining her technique to bring the animals and their personalities to life.

Susabette feels strongly abut the preservation of all wildlife and hopes with her work to convey this feeling to others.


Susabette Meister

My work is about preserving the beauty of nature for future generations. I feel our wildlife is so important to the balance of mankind. I hope all who view this enjoy and see just how spectacular all of nature is around us.