Georgia Priniotakis (kalas)

Georgia Priniotakis (Kalas)

Location: Canada

Native of Crete, Greece, Georgia Priniotakis (kalas) has been an active artist since 1984,creating paintings of realistic nature.Drawn towards the arts since childhood,Georgia has worked with different media such as watercolour, acrylic, oil,soft pastel and ink.Vibrancy and transparency are depicted in the seasonal changes of her landscapes,gardens and tranquil patios.
Georgia is a Signature member of the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada, a co-founder of the Saint-Laurent Artists' Association,and Vice-
president of Artists' Association of Dollard. She actively participates in group exhibitions and has won numerous awards and distinctions for her paintings over the years.
She is listed in "Magazine'Art" biennial guide to Canadian Artists in galleries,the "Lexicon" of Greek artists' vol. #2, the "Le Pluralisme dans L'Art au Quebec, and "International Contemporary Artists' ".vol #2.
She is represented in Galerie Simfonia di Colori, Galerie de la Ville,both established in Montreal.Quebec.She has been accepted in a three month Artists Residency Program in Coaticook, Quebec, in 2013, the body of work is presently shown at Galerie de la Ville, Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec.,


Realistic Painting

There are profound influences that have inspired my life as an artist, the exposure to art since childhood, as well as been surrounded by a family of artists musicians and writers, has given me the courage and energy to persue the ever-rewarding study of art.
Born in the mediterranian island of Crete, and exposed to nature with all its glory fury and subtlety,
I was able to recognize and appreciate its splendors. This is demonstrated in my work as a realist painter, were the portrayal of nature is predominant. I paint "en plein air" sketching or completing a painting on site.
Using glazes of pure colour, wet on wet and dry brush techniques,I can achieve accurate depictions of the subjects that I paint.Watercolour, Acrylic, Soft Pastel, and Ink, seperately or as mixed media, is utilized in order to achieve self-expression, inner feelings and mood, in every painting.
Smooth brush strokes portray the fragile magnificence of nature and often reflect the state and frame of mind.Similarly, bold, free nervous strokes bring out the ruggedness of a rock btten by the waves. Winter scenes, a peaceful pond, sunrays protruding through branches,have also been illustrated on my canvaces.
The attainment at this point in my artistic career requires hard work and continous practice. This task does not end the frastration inherent in painting, but provides the incentive to try even harder. Thus participation in as many juried exhibitions, coordinating solo shows, as well as attending workshops by international and Canadian renowned artists has tremendously improved my skills and insight as an artist.


The Rock “The Rock”

Painting The Rock, Acrylic 20"X16" done in the beautiful island of Skopelos, from sketches and photographs.

After the Storm “After the Storm”

Acrylic, 14"x10", typical winter scene, after a storm in Montreal street back alley.

In the Woods “In the Woods”

Acrylic 18"x12", painting done "plein air" in the region of Mont-Tremblant, Laurentien mountains,Quebec,

The Garden of Mother nature “The Garden of Mother nature”

Acrylic,16"x12", close up painting of Daisies

La Ruelle “La Ruelle”

Acrylic 8"x10", lane in the city of Montreal.

The Partners “The Partners”

Acrylic 16"x16", portrait of horses.

The ballad “The ballad”

Acrylic 24"x18", painting done from sketches and secretely taken photos, forbiten to take photos in Saudi Arabia...,during my work contract, the year of 2001.The scene depicts the activity in the souk, of old Jeddah.

Mmmm So Good “Mmmm So Good”

Soft Pastel, 12"x14",flowers of Cactus plant, done during my vacation-painting trip in Portugal

Summer Afternoon “Summer Afternoon”

Soft Pastel, 10"x17", en plein air painting during our summer excurtions with a group of artists in the fields of lavender.

Heritage “Heritage”

Soft Paster 11"x17", typical Quebec houses, in the region of Charlevoix, were I paint every summer for the past 15 years.

Kamouraska on Fire “Kamouraska on Fire”

Soft pastel 12"x!9", typical sunset in the region of Kamouraska

Fabric Ventor “Fabric Ventor”

Soft Pastel, 16"x10" Jeddah old fabric souk, Saudi Arabia

Tuna Boats “Tuna Boats”

Watercolour 15"x21, prince Edward island typical fishing harbour

Hervest “Hervest”

Watercolour 15"x20",harverst of the rasins, Crete, Greece

Santorini “Santorini”

Watercolour 15"x11",Santorini, Greece

Esmeralda “Esmeralda”

Watercolour 15"x11", portrait of a camel, Egypt.

Karderimia “Karderimia”

Ink-Watercolour 17"x11", Istanbul, Turkey

Rawasheen “Rawasheen”

Ink and watercolour,17"x11" intricate wooden window frames from old city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"Red Reflactions" “"Red Reflactions"”

Spring scene of poppies.Acrylic 16x20

"Solitude" “"Solitude"”

Acrylic, 16x12, Little lake Lyster, Eastern Townships, Quebec.