Youssef Riegel

Youssef Riegel

Location: Germany

1956 ─ Born in Autumn in Duesseldorf, NRW, Germany │ 1974 ─ Finished School after 13 years , Student of Gerhard Richter (1969/1970) │ 1980 ─ Photo-Assistent in the Studio of Rolf Ploeger in Duesseldorf, Germany, mainly Stil Life, Pack-Shots + free works │ 1981 ─ Study at Art Academy to Duesseldorf by Tony Cragg │ 1981 ─ Black and white photo-preparation in the darkroom for Joerg Immendorff in Duesseldorf built up his Archive │ 1982 ─ Assistant in the Gallery „Die Schablone“ in Duesseldorf for several Years │ 1993 – 2001 ─ Travelling, Studying and Working in France + Morocco │ 2007 ─ Self-employed artist until today │ 2013 – 2015 ─ Opened my Gallery „dasbuntehaus“ in Moenchengladbach, Germany


Photo ART

About me:

People, objects, landscapes, ordinariness, unusualness, change the view, enlarge areas, reduce, distort, twist, see convex if the seen is concave and/or reverse. I try to be curious, unconventional and pragmatic to implement my ideas and don`t let myself be set on any art direction.

Each material has its weaknesses and strengths. The diversity of materials, combining them and creating something new, makes the
fun in art, design and photoshooting. I work every day, times intensely, sometimes less active, but the restlessness that befalls one when the "idea" is born, the power to elaborate and portray it is my Energy tank.
I design, build and craft my objects in my studio and then photograph them.
The camera is then my lens of my eyes.
My eyes screw up and then open one a little bit. What I see then, this change of my vision, is currently the driving restlessness of my artistic work to capture the image, to fix and to photograph.
Intense colors, unconventional surfaces, depth of field to unsharpness and dissolve connections that is, what I want to document in my Pictures.
Without changing anything digitally, I want to show my images to the viewer.

I hope you like it.