Victoria Bond

Victoria Bond

Location: Canada

Victoria Bond devoted herself to painting since her young age. Born of French-Italian parents, she was immersed into art, music and architecture. Several of her professors noted her great facility for creative painting…. Nevertheless she worked towards a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Paris 8.
From 1980 to 1985, she assisted in the creation of different art magazines, such as Pôle Position and worked for the Transform Gallery. At the same time, she met Gerardo Dicrola who taught her oil painting for a few years.
She then became a journalist and worked as editor-in-chief at women-oriented magazines including Paris Fascination, Karaoké Top Star and Les Années Bleues. It was during these years that she explored more about the feminine world.
Her painting is imbued with all these encounters that made her understanding that everything is possible, conceivable and feasible. She traveled extensively throughout the world. Her art is inspired by the different cultures of the people with whom she shared the life of women, their emotions and their lifestyle.
Attracted by Canada for many years, she landed in Quebec in 2008 and later stayed for two years in Ontario. She obtained her certificate in visual arts from the Ottawa School of Art in 2012.
Since 2010, Victoria Bond has worked as a multidisciplinary artist specializing in media arts and performance stage settings for festivals, neighbourhood cafes with gigantic sculptures, on the stages of RAW (international community of independent artists) and during specific demonstrations (ex. The Great Walk for the Climate 2014).
She has been involved with different Quebec organizations such as Le Sablier, of which she is the godmother, and with Le Meridian 74 (a community centre). Her giant canvasses enhance the participation of people and their emotions and help gather the ideals that are meaningful in their living environment.
Victoria also works on the theme of women, whom, beyond the stereotypes of beauty imposed by our society, appear to be original, mysterious, surprising, profound and endowed with unique personalities.
She prefers to paint “live”, whatever the subject or wherever the place.
Victoria Bond is an international artist endowed with imagination and vision in an evolutionary process enriched by the rhythm of encounters, emotions and life itself.



Live and let live, the Woman and the Artist.
Free, without constraint,
Restraint, judgement, pressure, nor oppression.
Live and let live, the Woman and the Artist,
With Passion, from love !
I sculpt, I mind travel, I draw.
From sheet of paper in canvas, wood in material, ink in acrylics,
Aquarelles in oils, paint brushes in spatulas, in feathers and fingers.
I create.
No obstacles, no frontiers.
A woman must live, be pretty, be free.

Abstracted figures and still life

Secrets are in Abstractions !