Karen Coburn

I love the process of creating. I start with wire and modeling compounds—just bits and pieces—and in the end there exists a three dimensional creation that wasn’t there before. And it has a life of its own. I may start out working on a piece that I want to go in a specific direction or say a specific thing. But, during the process the piece tells me the direction it wants to take and in the end it is often so far from my original idea and intention that I have to stand back in awe.

I am moved by sensuality of the process--the feel and textures of the materials, the way everything smells, the music that plays in the background and in the end what I see. To me it’s magic. I love the human figure. As the outward manifestation of all our hopes and fears, joys and sorrows, our experiences and emotions, it is the perfect vehicle for expressing life’s journey.

I work in the traditional lost wax process of bronze casting. For my series DANCE!, the rich acid and dye patinas of my bronzes heighten the rhythm, movement and passion of my creations. The enhanced colors not only accentuate the rising passion and heat of the dance, giving full expression to my vision, but also add an excitement and emotional energy that typical bronze finishes do not have. The color and movement together are a powerful combination that spark the imagination of the viewer and allows them to better connect with the emotion and passion of my work.
Works from my Nature series begin with an interesting piece of wood from which I conceptualize the sculpture. Using wire and modeling compounds I add to, manipulate and extend the wood elements so that the natural wood and sculpted portions are indistinguishable. I then sculpt the figurative elements that complete my statement of the connection between nature and humanity; expressions of growth and unity.

And now the thrill of the process is heightened by the joy of sharing my work and the energy that goes into each piece--of having people see it, touch it, and bring their own experiences and feelings to something I have created.

We all have dreams and hopes. I am so fortunate to have been exposed to art when I was young and even more so to have the talent and aptitude to be able to express myself not with words but with my heart and soul through my creations.


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