Catherine Sénéchal

Catherine Sénéchal

Location: France

How do not to associate
the work of Catherine Sénéchal with the color!

This one reveals an instinctive choice to choose good tints, subtle nuances of oil paintings. She knows how to get rid of established rules, disregards primary, secondary or complementary colors and always manages to fall again on her feet for a brilliant result. To look at her painting, it is to forget the everyday life and to open a door towards a magic universe.

If we had to put a qualifier on her paintings, the first words which would occur me, would be: vitally, energy, pleasure!

When she starts a picture, she does not leave an idea, her paintings begin as a kind of puzzle, without preconceived subjects, she leaves her palette and different papers she selects according to her taste for colors. She possesses a big sensibility and instinct which guide her choices. She lives the present moment, gives free rein to her inspiration and is at one with her colors. Even her supports are unusual: a cardboard found on the pavement, an advertising poster, who allow her to leave a not yet formatted frame.

Her art of the abstraction is served by a particular technique of paper, ink, pastels, painting which gives a very contemporary depth and a ceaselessly renewed emotional dimension.

Her colors, her materials, her subjects, her textures give rhythm to its compositions and open the way to its internal universe populated with dream and poetry.

Artist in the spontaneous body movements, her makes her chromatic variations spring by means of unusual forms and imaginary spaces which the rationality ignores. It allows her to develop an abstracted powerful expressionism, a passage of the reality in the virtual.

To look in a different way, to transform the conventions, here is the purposes that she settled and she arrives there brilliantly. – 33 (0)6 14 60 91 37 –


Paris - Jour de colère

Oil Painting - Title : Jour de colère (angry day) - 2017 - measures : 100 cm x 100 cm

Montréal - Oil Painting - Catherine Sénéchal “Montréal - Oil Painting - Catherine Sénéchal”

Oil painting created in 2017 - Big canevas - 135 cm x 100 cm