Location: Canada

Sculptures in alabaster,soapstone , sandstone all done with out power tools. Handcrafted and designed to have a whimsical yet true look and feel.



Sculptures done in alabaster and soap stone but willing to do other mediums . Have over 20 yrs sculping and always up for a challenge. My works have been sold and displayed in various places. Have done commission pieces and the client is always appreciated
Hope you enjoy my works
My artist name is Roco'
Rocostonesculptures is my online name.

Henry “Henry”

Pink alabaster, was created and designed to use the chunk with out removing to much.

Warrior Angel “Warrior Angel”

Clear alabaster , Warrior Angel completed in 6 months . Was given as a gift.

Raj “Raj”

Sandstone sculpture.

Raj 2 “Raj 2”

Sandstone sculpture

Nighttime prayer “Nighttime prayer”

Cloud alabaster created to use the small piece