Leyla Aysel Munteanu

Leyla Aysel Munteanu

Location: Canada

Leyla Munteanu was born in Romania in 1967, moved to Canada 1998 where she lives now. She learned Sculpture at Scoala Populara de Arta Bucharest Romania graduating in 1992. She continued her education at University of Windsor, ON, Canada obtaining a B.F.A in Painting and a Bachelor in Education; she did not stop and continued at Wayne State University obtaining a M.F.A in Drawing. She participated in solo and group exhibitions as well as juried exhibitions, obtaining numerous awards, and her work is collected nationally and internationally from 2004.
Her work is not limited only to painting or drawing; it includes photography, sculpture and installation art. Her curios spirit make her experiment with new materials, and her art gives the audience a sense of mystery, every object represented is a piece from a puzzle long time lost. She connects the past with the present in a unique way.


Mixed media

Hanging “Hanging”

A piece of concrete hanging dangerously, signifie the fragility of humanity and their creations.

Attached “Attached”

Acrylic on canvas and yarn. The piece represent the path that a person may take in life, and the obstacles that may encounter , represented through the canvas strips.

Still attached “Still attached”

Mixed media. The pieces of concrete represent a human relationship. The relation can be:two people mother and child, or friendship, or a marriage. The title talks about the idea of a rupture in that relationship, and the ideea that some find difficult to let it go.

Christiano “Christiano”

Acrylic on canvas

Hanging “Hanging”

A mixed media painting on stretch canvas.

Desire... “Desire...”

A mixed media drawing on paper.

Self portrait 2011 “Self portrait 2011”

Mixed media on unstretched canvas.