Location: India


That helpless girl

that helpless girl.... “that helpless girl.... ”

A girl's age, complexation, dress that she wears, figure matters to someone who judges or rapes..... Just the lust... Nd hunger for the body that remains hidden in a sober eye matters..... Old dadi in 60s got raped at the same time a new born got raped..... Muslim lady covered in burkha gets the same feelings as a young beautiful lass wearing short dresses returning from a party and passing by the standing group of hungry beasts....Its the world where we live where father rapes his own Daughter.... We talk of respecting women in tv shows... Go on a rally with placards but irony is that our eyes go and stick to the body of that helpless girl standing all starts from those elders who instruct their girl to return early.. Cover properly...we forget that we should also teach our boy to respect a girl.. Love her heart not her body...But still then all boys are not bad... Nd all girls are not innocent...WAITING FOR A CHANGE IN MIND OF THE FUTURE NATION