Viral Padiya

viral padiya

Location: India

Viral Padiya is a well-known international award-winning landscape photographer, a fine art artist, and an architect from India. After spending 17 years of his life in the US as an Artist, Photographer, Architect, and Sr. Business Analyst, he decided to be a full-time artist to continue his passion for art. His photography is listed in the top ten best panoramic photographers in the world by a New York-based company's top ten online magazines. His work includes numerous private art
collections throughout Australia, Europe, India, the UK, and the US. He is featured and showcased in many art magazines and has an eye for composition, which sees him often concentrating on minor details of the art. He has also been recognized internationally, winning many accolades and awards all over the world in digital art and fine-art photography. His new body of artwork, "The fractal art," expands on his abstract visuals to the next level. It comprises of evolving technology using fractal flames to create unique geometric forms and perspectives.

Artist Statement:
Art and Photography have been my world of wonder since childhood; since then, with a spirit for adventure, photography and art became a passion. As a self-taught photographer, I love to capture the beautiful moment between frames on my camera. It's a wonderful opportunity to be out in the wilderness, be connected with glorious God's creation, feel different things, and spaces around, which makes the captured photographs more stunning and unique. Nature inspires me the most, and I believe in capturing unique landscapes with stories to tell what defines creativity. Like Dante Alighieri once said, “nature is the art of God,” there is a feeling of contentment in my heart, to look at the art that was created millions of years ago naturally which still lives on and, to wait and capture that same beauty and abstractness through the camera lens.