Thierry Ferrand

thierry FERRAND

Location: France

In permanence at Gallery BDMC Paris
My attraction to the art must come from my ancestors, some of whom were painters in the early 20th century. I've always wanted to explore these color mixtures and the difficulty of creating a beautiful work.

I like to unleash my imagination and let go. Faced with a blank canvas, it is a pleasure to create contrasts, sweets, encounters, shock of lights and colors. The colors speak to me. They challenge me gradually as the work progresses. They call for harmony, space, empty.

I improvise an adventure with the white canvas. I impose my ideas, my moods, my experience too. I know what is working and what creating unsuitable imbalances.
I superimpose colors to create depths of light. I also like to create reliefs to strengthen forms in complete freedom.

The freedom of the abstract painter who starts from nothing, a blank canvas without model draws inspiration, emotion, material, color.
My goal is to give a life, a soul to the painting.

I like to discuss my work. The testimonies of those living with my paintings make me take this path or art brings happiness, the pleasure of looking and the vibrations of the emotions felt.
The breath of life, I send to the canvas, spreading an original energy which, I hope, will envelop the viewer.


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