Samantha Messias

Born 1989, Liverpool England,
Samantha has always been creative using the arts to express, heal and transform emotion onto paper using whatever tools she had around her.
Upon first glance, the drawings of Samantha Messias appear to be photographs captured with astounding clarity. However, each one of Messias’ works is entirely constructed with pencil and charcoal. Messias’ hyperrealistic drawings are as laden with stunning visual dexterity as they are with emotional meaning.
Having endured a traumatic childhood, Messias turned to art as a healing mechanism. After graduating university in 2012, the artist discovered Hyperrealism and has since rendered the world around her in piercing detail.
Focusing predominantly on portraiture, Messias pushes her subjects to the foreground of the composition, thus inviting the viewer to observe the microscopic clarity that comprises every plane of her drawings. In works such as The Alchemist (2017), a weathered, bearded man gazes fixedly towards the viewer. One can observe the deep crevices of wrinkles and clusters of sunspots, stray hairs, and various idiosyncrasies imbedded in his skin with exceptional detail.
Exhibited in 2018’s “Life Is But A Dream” exhibition at New York’s renowned Agora Gallery and is now represented by them, Samantha continues to work from home in England doing what she does best… bringing life to drawings and inspiring hope in others with her story of survival along the way.


Hyper-realistic Pencil and Charcoal Drawings

Samantha Messias brings life to her drawings with astounding clarity and detail to achieve hyperrealism in her works,
created using pencil, charcoal and a whole lot of patience and discipline her works range from portraits, animals and landscapes.

The Alchemist “The Alchemist ”

The Alchemist
pencil and charcoal drawing
Size: 23.2 x 16.5 inches without frame
completed 2017

Fruits Of The Feminine 3 “Fruits Of The Feminine 3”

Fruits Of Th Feminine 3
Pencil and charcoal drawing
Size: 22.8 x 16 inches without frame
2016 for more

Fruitful Pleasures “Fruitful Pleasures”

Fruitful Pleasures
pencil and charcoal drawing
Size: 11 x 15.5 inches without frame

"Magic" Inspired by J.K.Rowling and her Harry Potter Series “"Magic" Inspired by J.K.Rowling and her Harry Potter Series”

Pencil and Charcoal drawing inspired by J.K.Rowling and her Harry Potter Series
Size:19 x 24 inches without frame
completed 2018
timelapse video Samantha Messias Art on Youtube

Mother Teresa" Pray For Us" “Mother Teresa" Pray For Us"”

Mother Teresa "Pray For Us"
Pencil and Charcoal drawing
Size: 15.5 x 23 inches without frame
view timelapse video Samantha Messias Art on Youtube