Eddy Samaniego

Eddy Samaniego

Location: Venezuela

Eddy Samaniego has always had a deep appreciation for nature, and his interest in photography stemmed from his desire to capture the beauty in the natural world. Eddy is a self-taught photographer who began in the era of the dark room and continues to stay faithful to his early beginnings by working with transparency film. Eddy focuses in wild life and landscape photography.

Although Eddy earned an Aeronautical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and an M.B.A. from Georgia State University, he has the heart of a nomad. Whenever he can, Eddy travels to distant lands and captures images to share nature’s beauty and fragility.

Eddy and his wife live in Caracas, Venezuela where they enjoy the beauty of nature everyday.


Canvas of Nature

...Nature's own expressions of forms and colors...