Jadon Matthews

Inspired by everyday contemporaries and Renaissance masters alike, Jadon Matthews believes that there are elements of his art that he pulls from “everyone”. However, Jadon singles out Leonardo Da Vinci as the one multi-faceted individual who has truly influenced him the most, being a fellow “Jack of all trades” with his music and apparel endeavours. Jadon even once filed for a patent on a mechanical design.

Born Ajamu Zano Hasani Matthews on 20th March, 1984 in Mayaro, Trinidad where he spent his early childhood, Jadon started creating at the tender age of five, selling his first piece at 15 years old. Throughout the years Jadon has exhibited consignment pieces at local galleries and participated in various group shows. He held his first solo exhibition “nostalgic catalogue” in May/June 2019.

Although proficient in oils and acrylics, his passion is for charcoal and soft-pastel. His style strays between realism and impressionism, with forays into surrealism, but his deft hand and flair for capturing texture and mood are always evident. A student of portraiture and the human form, Jadon prefers live models in their natural settings, but photographs are often used as well.

Ever desiring to impact the local, regional and international industry, he exudes an overwhelming passion for art and a great understanding of its effect on individuals and groups. Ultimately, he hopes to spread his art as an educational and uplifting tool, reminding everyone of our vision and who we are as the human race.



Works done in soft pastels and charcoal. You should be very pleased to note that the original works has been fixed/treated for superior smudge resistance using method of old pastel masters of centuries ago, which retain the appearance of the work as it was freshly produced.
Please bear with me as some of the images were taken by phone with lower quality resolution camera. However I'll be working to update those with high resolution images.

Dear mother “Dear mother ”

Charcoal on paper
24 × 18 inches

Side profile figure study of an african baby sitting on the floor playing with an object.

Rebirth “Rebirth”

Charcoal on paper
18.5 × 17 inches

A positive thinking role model for African females and all females and the world; one who sees no prejudice.

Blue splendour “Blue splendour”

Soft pastels on paper mounted on board
18 × 24 inches.

A perched blue macaw showing off its plumage.

The Clean-up “The Clean-up”

Soft pastel casein
22 × 32 inches

Depiction of an elderly woman in patterned skirt and turqouise top sorting out objects in her backyard in a rural setting.

Big broom “Big broom”

18 × 24 inches

East Indian woman posing akimbo with cocoyea broom after a morning sweep up.