Mia Luvlok


Location: Australia

Abstract artist, Colourist and Expressionist, Mia LUVLOK art pieces will open your mind and make your walls talk. Mia was born in Canberra, ACT with having a diverse childhood of living in Papua New Guinea, The Northern Territory and Oxford, England. Always being a creative soul, Mia believes that it is important to travel the road that you are attracted to. Mia finished her HSC in Canberra and then moved to Sydney furthering a modeling career as an artist model, working at art institutions including The National Art School and the Paddington Art School, under the tuition of world renown artists such as Stephen Wesley Gorton. Having been an artist model alongside many experienced art tutors, Mia has gained a wealth of knowledge which is evident in her colourful and inspirational artworks that she creates in her studio located in Sydney, Australia.





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