Jacky Chewkor


Location: Malaysia



Good artist maybe steal,Great artist must be strinm

good artist possess sense and sensibility
good art make viewer think and touch

Great movie director never fettered by style,so do great artist.

Scientist dare to think,entrepreneur dare to dream,artist dare to imagine.

An entrepreneur must know how to control emotion
An artist must know how to control passion

Without the sunshine creating the sunshine,without the moonlight creating the moonlight,this is the spirit of artist

If you buy an art piece just merely because that you love it,then in the world of art,you are unbeatable.

The most important art is the art of living,

To produce a great masterpiece needless to risk your life,if somebody tell you to do so, he is a liar

A motivational quote can save a life,a motivational painting can save the world

the difference between abstract art of great master and abstract art of little child is just one minute

The magnetic field of an art piece derived from the belief of an artist

If math put on the wing of imagination,it can fly

Never pursue perfection , pursue------ beyond imagination

If you want to ask an artist a question,ask him one plus one equal to what
The brilliance of human nature always be the most beautiful landscape

Colour,it is the colour!!! No---mr van gogh---passion, it is the passion!!!

Picasso said he want to paint like a child,what is the next sentence,tell me, i give you a prizes.

Give me seven year, i return you a worldclass masterpiece.