Jacky Chewkor


Location: Malaysia

Jacky Chewkor who was born in kuala terengganu Malaysia is a self taught impressionist and fauvism artist.In his early life,he worked as graphic designer
and part time reporter.There's the day when the stationery shop he used to visit
start to import oil paint tube from foreign,he amazingly discover the unimaginable
potential of oil material and subsequently lead him to the world of impressionism.
He met monet, who chase the light and moment
He met cezanne,who seek the geometric and construct
He met renoir,who pursue the beauty and joyful
And finally he met himself. he want to hound the message.
He always feel there is a fire or enthusiastic desire to paint something,
something bright ,vibrant and colorful,there' s the day when he push the colour
to the extreme,he met matisse,he realises there is a wild beast inside his heart,beast of aesthetic,beast of colour,beast of perfection,beast of hate and love
Every artist must have a beast inside their heart,they must like a tamer,they must learn how to console. to train,to guide and to ride the beast.

The world of art is wide and profound,he never confined himself to these two styles, he will keep on study,keep on explore





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