Arianna Chiara Di Troila

Arianna Chiara Di Troila

Location: Italy

My name is Arianna Di Troila i was born in Milan on 14th July 1971.
As a child i used colors to disassociate my self from the reality which she lived to regain possession of her fairy-tale world, her innocent reality or even unreality. Draw it conveyed a sense of inner peace and serenity, despite the surrounding environment. Growing up she study to become an illustrator. School allowed Arianna to learn new different drawing and painting techniques.
Over the years she experimented various styles, from figurative to abstract.
The abstract has given her the opportunity to open her mind to colorful worlds and unknown forms, in which she lose herself for hours, as in her inner labyrinths and in emotional swings.
Arianna's paintings have strong colors and contrasting paint using acrylic paints on canvas or recycled panels .


Scacco matto

Acrylic on canvas, Cristal Metal applications
Cm 100 X 100

Giochi di Corte “Giochi di Corte”

Acrylic on canvas
Cm 100 100