Herman Normoid

herman normoid

Location: Italy

Father of Volumism, Herman Normoid works and live in Rome, Italy.



As if Art could concentrate in a single point: a sole, incommensurable dimension.

And what if Art could jump from one mind to another, free from bonds such as space and time.

Masses frenetically immobile generate visions and provide undefined yet perfect sensations.
The need to express energy, the contrast that generates ideas and passions,
finds its place and manifests itself in the volumes, to later shine in one’s mind.

Pigments touch and repel, explode and regenerate, yet never combining. Volumes generate volumes, they simply sum and subtract, leaving the mind to see and interpret, to elaborate and be finally freed.

Volumes capture the eye and are easily read, volumes without sides or direction, that exist in space and time, here, this instant and everywhere eternally.

The volumists want to launch a message by interpreting one that society has cried out:
that Art is to be understood and experienced intimately, because Art is Man’s need
for existence, and not the artist’s.

*Translated from Italian by Woolloo Farinelli