Aline Pouget

Aline Pouget

Location: France

Aline Pouget was born in the lovely land of France.
From a very young age, her passion got her to create mesmerizing watercolour landscape paintings. Later, she moved on to her second passion : space and both its shining and deep color.
After some enriching time, she turned to painting, first using watercolors, then oil on canvas, which is still the technique she uses to date.
Her first wave of painting emphasizes her love for the wonders of nature symbolized through colorful and bright landscapes. She then painted a second wave depicting space and the meandering paths of the cosmos. Her work reflects her passion for both colors and the endless, infinite universe around us

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These paintings represent my vision of space and the creation of the world.
Since my childhood, the world around us has always been faceted.
Through these paintings, I express my imagination and all my emotions in front of the greatness of the universe

Infini “Infini”

The fight of good and evil in the cosmos represents the duality of all beings.
The absence of color allowed me to fully express this ambivalence.

Oil on canvas

Size : 100 x 81 cm

Nébuleuse “Nébuleuse”

Free interpretation of a cosmic explosion

Oil on canvas

Size 100 x 81 cm

Bing-bang “Bing-bang”

Artistic vision of the creation of the world

Oil on canvas

Size 100 x 81 cm


The sea having always rocked my life, I wanted to represent it

Venise “Venise”

Venice view from the Lido

Oil on canvas

Size 92 x 65 cm

Tempête “Tempête”

Three masts caught in a storm

Oil on canvas

Size 61 x 47 cm