Location: Brazil

Felipe Lorenzini

winning artist, works with skill drawing and painting, and very quickly creates immense panels in a short time. Usually uses only black ink, makes images of characters and places with mastery and ends up always through his technique and expressed expression interacting strongly with the viewer.

Help Lorenzini to further raise his art by contacting and asking for a personalized work for the artist who is always fit for new challenges.
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Visit. www.lorenzinidesign.com
Instagram: lorenzini_art
Facebook: lorenzini art
e-mail: felorenzini@hotmail.com
Phone and whatsapp:
+55 (55) 99733 - 7304
Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil


black ink on the wall

With his particular technique, Lorenzini creates characters and scenarios in real scale quickly, using a small amount of paint and working directly on the wall.


3 working days. 8,5 m X 6 m

Tropeiros de Santiago “Tropeiros de Santiago”

4 working days. 2,5 m X 9 m

Raptor “Raptor”

2 working days. 2,3 m X 2 m


3 working days. 2,5 m X 7 m