Blondel Patricia


Location: France

The muses of Patricia Blondel are imaginary, liquid and ephemeral figures that break up into water pearls on the surface of the canvas by benevolently challenging the eye of the viewer.
Scientifically trained, Patricia Blondel is passionate about water and its projections; splashes and other drops.
The artist explores the pearly traces that appear on the windows of his workshop in rainy weather and manufactures his universe by the transfer of these invisible data.
These figurative sculptural figures placed on abstract backgrounds seem fluid, malleable, moving. They slip in filament on the surface to adopt unexpected appearances.
The graceful form of their spurts underlines their aesthetic potential. Their undulating lines, their transparency, their reflections mirrored on the surface, the play of light to which they lend themselves in the mass are all distinctive signs that characterize a perfectly identifiable touch.

Extrait de Caroline CANAULT critique d’art



water revisited from the inside a magical world
imaginary in motion and transparency

life in red “life in red”

a new aquatic world in the glow of red
work protected by a bailiff