Victoria Velozo

Victoria Velozo

Location: Australia

I have blended contemporary abstract acrylic painting
with traditional oil paint Realism. I delight in combining these genres as I love the contrast and
tension created bringing these traditional art movements together in my collection of
contemporary works.
I am a contemporary artist living in Wollongong Australia. I became a full time artist after I
attended to university to study creative arts.
My style is very unusual and doesn't fit into the typical styles as I have blended contemporary
modern art abstract oil painting with traditional realism which breaks numerous art rules.
When I returned home from international exhibition in China I became interested in animals and
their meaning as I have an interest in symbolism. Previously I cultured an interest in western
'dream symbolism’ drawing on my psychology degree. I love the opportunity to deepen
knowledge of the interplay of Eastern and Western cultures, particularly the meaning of the
animals and wanted to use them in my paintings to convey a positive message to the viewer.
͞I enjoy the challenge of surrealism; bridging together reality and the imagination. I have learnt to paint
realistic elements of nature which I then overlay with color, textures and contrasting collage for a
contemporary dream like experience for the viewer.͟
͞I have completed two Degrees from the University of Wollongong; Bachelor of Creative Arts, And a Bachelor of
Science, Psychology. I have also been trained by some of Australia’s most influential artists͟.
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Victoria Velozo website
International China Art investment Organization July 2018
o International Chinese and Western Art exchange June 2018
o International Shenzhen China Contemporary Art Show May 2018
o International ‘The Other Art Fair’ March 2018 Sydney Australia
o International Shenzhen China Contemporary Art Show May 2017
o International Asia Contemporary Art Show September 2016 Hong Kong
o International accepted for the Florence Biennale October 2017 Florence Italy
o International Contemporary Exhibition June 2016 Kolkata India
o International Sydney City Woolloomooloo 2016 Sydney Australia
o International Raw Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Brick Lane 2015 London
o International ‘Small World exhibition’, South Australia 2016
o Art Instyle Horden Pavilion Sydney February 2018 Sydney Australia
o Curio Gallery Wollongong Council Central Chambers November 2017 Australia
o Project Contemporary Art Space members exhibition January 2017 Australia
o Solo February Wollongong City Gallery 2017 February Australia
o Wollongong City, Historic Court House exhibition 2016 December Australia
o Artisans Exhibition, Annually Wollongong City Gallery (Since 2011-2016) Australia
o Project Contemporary Art Space February 2016 Australia
o ‘Displaced’ Art Arena Gallery November 2015 Australia
o Solo Exhibition Art Arena Gallery And Studio 2014 Australia
o The Velvet Underground 2014 Australia
o International Woman’s Day Exhibition 2013, 2014 Sydney Australia
o Raw Illawarra , Illawarra Hotel 2014 Australia
o Three Of Life, Project Contemporary Art Space2014 Australia
o Art Arena Landscapes Members Exhibition 2014 Australia
o Project Contemporary Arts Members Group Exhibition 2013 Australia
o Art Arena ‘Voyagers' Verge’ Group Exhibition 2013 Australia
o Art In The Shops Thirroul Festival Annually (Since 2013)
o Solo Exhibition Art Arena Major Nov 12 Australia
o Canivale, Redpoint Artist Association, Winner People’s Choice 2011 Australia
o Thirroul Sea Side Exhibition Annually Since 2011
o Exhibition Wollongong University Long Gallery 2010 Australia
o 1340ART International art magazine 15.8.17
o Newspaper Feature Artist lift out Illawarra Mercury 2.5.2017
o The Telegraph, India, English News Paper 2016
o Newspaper Feature Artist lift out Illawarra Mercury 2016
o Artsy Shark feature September 2016 artists-celebrate-nature
o Represented in Artists Palette Magazine, issue No.111
o Feature Artist ‘Artist Palette’ Magazine 6 pages + 2 page demonstration
Education and memberships
o Bachelor of Creative Arts: University of Wollongong, Australia
o Bachelor of Science, Psychology: University of Wollongong Australia
o RAVA advanced watercolor with Ann Clarke
o Creative Art Services Manager for Greenacres Disability Services, current 2018
o Organizer and Curator of the Greenacres Disability Services art exhibitions
o Teacher 4 x Painting workshops at Wollongong City Gallery December 2017
o Bespoke Clothing, 2016, San Francisco
o Art Arena Gallery and Studio President, 2015
o Illawarra Ceramics Society member since 2016
o IAVA premium member since 2015
o 4 murals for the Botanic Gardens Discovery Centre
o Abstract workshop by Lorna Crane 2014
o Red Point Artist Association exhibiting member, current, 2018
o Sculpture, tutored by Bert Fugleman Wollongong University
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o Saatchi Artist
o Bespoke clothing
o Asia Contemporary Art
o Victoria Velozo website
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Destiny Series

This series of human portrayal emerge from the sitters’ personal feelings or moods: They are
situational snapshots, in which they are captured at certain moments as if unobserved in mundane ordinary tasks to create surreal images that are thematically focused on identity, thoughts, emotions and dreams in the narrative. Victoria’s approach when creating a piece is to capture an emotion within the gesture and expression of the subject. Victoria’s art works are influenced by her observations of peoples' daily interactions, enabling her to create moving and unique figurative art.
Victoria is known for her contemporary style using abstraction & realism. Her portraits explore the depths of inner & outer beauty through evocative emotional introspection, pulling her subjects apart to reveal the simplified layers beneath their surface.
“I create atmospheric fluid cell structures representing life and dreams, they symbolise the complex layers of different scales that constitute life, from the molecules or cells to the complex organic dream evoking the style. I am exploring the tension created by line and fluid, the balance between opposite concepts, like reality and imagination. I aim at keeping
only the essence of the figure through a simplified sketch in charcoal, contrasting with the complexity of the surrounding flow of fluid abstract.”

Rain Dance “Rain Dance”

This work was inspired by a girl dancing at s festival. She was completely absorbed by the music. Wild and free.
80 x 60cm on plywood fluid paint with oil paint overlayed

Atlantis “Atlantis ”

Inspired by the dress of festival goers at Burning Man
110 x 100cm $2400

The Good Chapter “The Good Chapter ”

I saw a girl reading, and wondered what she could be so engaged in student?, novel?
An ideal gift for readers $1400

Destiny “Destiny ”

Inspired by watching a girl waiting? Watching or thinking?
50 x 70cm $1400

Destiny Calls “Destiny Calls”

Phones are our safety, security, connections. Her link to The universe
The girl busily txts; such a common sight.
50 x 70 cm $1400