Sean Achilleos

Sean Achilleos is a Singer-Songwriter, Author (Poet) and Painter from Southern Africa.


The Paintings of Sean Achilleos

This is a collection of Sean Achilleos' paintings spanning over a period from 2009 - 2015

The Queen of Love “The Queen of Love”

Painted by Sean Achilleos

The Mirror Never Lies “The Mirror Never Lies”

Painted by Sean Achilleos

Midnight Seduction “Midnight Seduction ”

Painted by Sean Achilleos

The Voice of Intuition “The Voice of Intuition ”

Painted by Sean Achilleos

The Face “The Face”

Inspired by the late poet-songwriter Shel Silverstein. Painted by Sean Achilleos.

The Songbird “The Songbird ”

Inspired by singer-songwriter Lesley Rae Dowling. Painted by Sean Achilleos.