Margret Obernauer

Margret Obernauer

Location: Austria

born in 1957 in St. Johann / Tyrol / Austria.
Lives in W├Ârgl, is a retired clerk.
Since 2006 intensive examination of painting. In numerous courses in art academies and workshops, she has learned the most important basic knowledge and techniques.
Her autodidactic techniques have refined her more and more and changed over this way over acrylic paints to oil colors and egg tempera.
Depending on her work, she continues to use acrylic paints, which she usually paints herself from pigments and binders. Various other materials such as ash, sand, chalks and paints are used.
Margret Obernauer is a very experimental artist who is always in search of something new and in a special way is inspired by everything she experiences, experiences and experiences.
In partly spontaneous, sometimes time-consuming painting processes and techniques, works are created that correspond to their life-affirming personality.

Her works have been shown in many exhibitions.
She is currently nominated for the Palm Award and Kitz-Award.



Popart “Popart”

Acrylic / mixed media on canvas 60x100 cm

Falco “Falco”

Acrylic on canvas 80x100 cm

Panther “Panther”

Acrylic/mixed media on Canvas 80x100 cm

flowers “flowers”

Acryl on Canvas 90 x 60 x 2 cm


Collage, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 160 x 100 cm

Popart “Popart”

Mixed Media on Canvas 70 x 90 cm